1. At the time of starting in 2003 we were using photocell unit for print mark sensor.

2. In 2006 we adopt new technology and started to use PLC at competitive rates.

3. Then we started servo motor for cut off length. 

4. We also started to use servo motor for the cross pusher, inline pusher, feeding belt etc.

5. In 2016 we developed and implemented new technology for cutting jaw by using a servo motor. 

6. We also started an auto splicing system in a machine in 2014.

7. In 2017 we developed new technology for cream sandwich automation for pillow pack machine.

8. Now we are making full PLC and servo motor based machine with SS 304 body cover.

9. We also developed servo motor based smart conveyor for auto feeding for wafer, biscuit, cup cake and any other product.

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